About Nanofiber

Studio Nano-fiber was established in 2009 by Asa Levental and specialized in composite materials.
Asa Levental, with 10 year experience in applications at the aviation field, decided to exploit his knowledge, skills and experience in the composite materials field and turned to design and architectural applications. Studio Nano-fiber develops, design and manufactures products with innovative and luxuries looks, furniture, lighting features and elements for the home environment, office, public or commercial spaces.
Composite materials combined at list two materials that are integrated (fibers and resins) We use thermoset resins like epoxy, polyester and phenol, while the fibers can be fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon and hybrids.
Composite materials products can substitute existing products such as metal, wood or plastic Composite materials, especially carbon fibers, enable flexibility in the design, combined with special mechanical properties for the desired application. Products made out of carbon fibers are suitable for alt applications, both indoor and outdoor. Studio Nano-fiber has a growing customer base of architects, designers, stores and galleries.